The Easy Way to Stay on Top of Athletic Injuries

Athletic injuries are a lot like procrastinating for a 20-page paper. You put it off and put it off and then one day you look up, and it is due the next day. At that point, you reflect on the past two months and all the opportunities you missed to do something about this paper. Staying on top of athletic injuries is just like staying on top of a 20-page document.

The Earlier, The Better

A lot of people get away with procrastination by saying that they are better under pressure and though some are most are not. But here is the thing, you don’t ever want to wait until the last minute to get help with an injury.

Athletic injuries are a lot like light bulbs. When a light bulb is going to blow, it gives you a warning sign with some flickers. The problem is that we often ignore these and then next thing we know the light cuts out at the most awkward time.

Injuries do this same thing. They show us early signs of a more significant problem to come. It starts off with minor swelling, minor pains, small bruises, certain motions start to feel weird, but we just don’t listen. We think a problem brewing, but we make the statement of death.

“It will probably just go away.”

The problem is that injuries don’t just go away unless we do something about it. 9INE POINT makes it easy for you to stay on top of every injury by allowing you to ask the question no matter how early. Don’t wait until you pull your hamstring to get help. Start getting help the day you feel anything.

Why Do Athletes Feel The Need to Tough Out Injuries

First off there is a difference between pain and injury. An injury means it is time to sit out. Pain says that something is wrong, but you can more than likely still pay. Every coach and parents want to see and know that their kid is tough. The problem is that if you tough it out the too long injury is inevitable.

I was one of those go hard no when to stop athletes, and that is why I was hurt all of the time. I did not know when it was time to chill out and let my body heal up.

Toughing it out stems from showing that you can handle anything and that you are reliable. It also stems from a fear of missing out. Many feel that if they miss practice, they will not get better and be replaced.

I understand not telling a coach about an injury due to fear, but regarding this app, there is no reason you can’t tell the 9INE POINT community. The people in the community only want to help, and they have no control over whether you play or sit on the bench.

Back to The Paper

Every day that you don’t start writing is more work you are going to have to jam into less time. Imagine you approached your paper with a mindset of doing one page a week. That is not daunting, and it is a very doable task.

When it comes to your athletic injury, it is much easier to fix a weak quad then it is to rehab from a blown ACL. It is a lot easier to fix sore shins, then it is to repair a stress fracture. Do you get the point? You want to get on top of every single injury as early as possible.

From the perspective of a health care provider, it is JUST LIKE writing a paper. The work is much more comfortable for them when it is not an urgent matter. The odds never look good when you have a pulled muscle and the biggest game of your life in two days.

But when you come in with that injury a month earlier when it first started hurting you, that is like getting that 20-page paper stated a month before it is due. No stress no worries, no need for a miracle. Just consistent work with a clear-cut path to success.

Or you can do it the way most do it and, ignore the injury for months and act like it is not there. Only to find out that the injury is there and it is getting worse day by day. Then as you approach the big game and you realize that you may not be able to make it… THEN you go into panic mode.

It sort of sounds like the night before that big paper is due, right? Nothing good comes after this point with an injury. Even if a therapist can give you a quick fix to get you through the game, it still is going to take a lot of work to get healthy. The worst part of it all is that it can be avoided.

Be a Big Baby In This World

You see in your active community you need to be tough and seem healthy all of the time. But in the world of Kho, there is no need for that. We encourage you to be a big baby. That means even the most minor of injuries you will get help on. Start building the habit now of attacking these things when they are small.

KHO Health was acquired by was acquire by 9INE POINT in the summer of 2019 and is now referred to as 9INE POINT Health.


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