4 More Tools Every Athlete Should Use

Muse Headband

Meditation is a key aspect of many athletes lives. It is a great way to keep a level head and stay in your body. It is also proven to increase your ability to perform mentally. However, It is sometimes tough for people to stay on task. The Muse headband helps to aid in this process.

This wearable measures your brains activity. Your brain produces frequencies that directly relate to certain moods, actions, and thoughts. When you’re not calm your brain’s frequencies are all over the map. When you’re calm the waves are far more clear. The muse headband will actively track these waves.

The muse mobile application then takes those readings and give you live feedback, using music that speeds up, or storms in the background when you are not as focused. It is calm, or slow when your mind is at peace. With gamification that comes in the form of birds chirping. It gives you a real-time view of how your meditation practice is progressing.

This piece of technology has been a long time coming. Many athletes who utilize meditation in their practice have a hard time quantifying their practice. As technology progresses we all grow accustomed to increased accuracy and efficiency of our daily tasks. It gives you exactly how much time out of your meditation you spent in calm, neutral, or active states. It is great to see if you are actually making progress in your practice. Muse does a great job at offering an affordable, user-friendly option for anyone looking to enhance their meditation practice.

Pulse Oximeter

A Pulse Oximeter is not a new piece of tech. In fact, it has been around medical circles for a long time now. It is a device that you attach to your finger that is responsible for tracking your heart rate as well as your blood oxygen levels. Now, the big question that comes to mind is ” why does blood oxygen levels matter?”  I would not be surprised by this question at all. As many athletes are unaware of this metric.

Now, not every single athlete out there may need a pulse oximeter, however, those that have some form of lung issue such as asthma could greatly benefit from the use of this device. The blood oxygen level of an athlete is important for indicating how much blood contains or is saturated with oxygen. This will help indicate your current health levels as well as a great indicator of how your performance may be affected.

These devices are extremely inexpensive. Some going for a low as $20 at medical supplies. The advancement of technology has actually made it very easy for athletes, and people, in general, to get the benefits from this measurement. Many cell phones now have the ability to measure your SpO2 levels using their cameras. Many new cell phones have an infrared light to also measure this.

Velocity Tracking

This technology was once only available to the super rich or if you were part of a big school. Velocity tracking has been around for a while now but the technology was always very private. It wasn’t until recently that the use of velocity tracking became easy for athletes around the world to reap the benefits.

Many companies are producing devices that can track the speed in which your arm or the bar is moving during training. The one you decide to choose is a personal choice. However, the use of velocity tracking should not be skipped by athletes looking to seek serious improvements in overall performance. Velocity tracking is directly related to the strength curve. Anyone who understands the strength curve knows that when you move a load at a given speed you will be training to improve that particular strength.

If you are a powerlifter you will want to train a variety of areas of the strength curve, however knowing which loads and how you are moving on that particular day is extremely difficult without the use of a device that can really quantify that data for you. Athletes that are involved in more explosive sports will have the greatest use for this device. The differences in speeds are so small that you cannot tell with the naked eye. However, those small changes are whats going to set you apart from other athletes. Choosing the right loads at the appropriate speeds are what will take you to the next level.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Why would athletes need to have a blood pressure monitor? That is a good question. Many may think that only those that are ill or going to the doctors need to have their blood pressure checked. I would say that its false. Every single human being needs to have their blood pressure checked. Blood pressure is directly linked to any mental, and physical ailments. Those that have good blood pressure are generally in fantastic health. Those that have high blood pressure are asking for a cardiac event.

The technology has grown so much that you can accurately measure your blood pressure from your home. There are devices you can buy from your closest pharmacy even that will give you an accurate daily reading of your blood pressure. They have even gone as far as to have devices that connect to your measurements to a mobile application to be part of your overall health picture. You have a mobile hospital in your pocket nowadays.

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