Sometimes Basic Strength Exercises Are All You Need

How is it that I can go in the weight room and lift all types of weight yet I am sitting here talking about how General strength is important? When you think about it, what is general strength really? General strength has become one of those training buzz words like core. It is used so frequently yet it is such a general statement that no one even knows what is really being talked about. General strength exercises that are done to improve the overall strength of your entire body. They usually are done with body weight or medicine balls.

I like to think of general strength as the stuff you find pointless but really should not skip. The reason I find it pointless is because I can go in the weight room and squat 300 pounds so why is it that I have to do 10 lunge jumps with no weight? 

What Makes Them So Important

When you are in the weight room the main muscles of the body tend to get stronger to extreme amounts. While the smaller muscles of the body and the stabilizing muscles that are very important sports are often ignored. This is a huge issue because if these muscles get left too far behind it can lead to numerous injuries. 

This is why many general strength exercises are weird exercises doing all types of weird movements that you would otherwise never do.  They are trying to target those muscles that are often forgetting in the dark.

Look At the Giant Puzzle

One thing athletes have a problem doing is looking at the greater picture of things when training. Weight training is important but it is a part of the puzzle it in no way gives you the whole picture. The same goes for General strength training and so many other aspects of training.  They are all pieces of the puzzle and get you closer to the full picture. Without them, the picture will never be complete and therefore you will never realize your potential. 

So What…

I am not going to sit here and give you general strength exercises to do because, to be honest, those things are endless.  My point takes them seriously and treats general strength just as serious as any other part of your training. It’s not playing time.

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