Getting Fit Inside: Tips for Treadmill Running

Getting Fit Inside: Tips for Treadmill Running

Most people are really hooked on running. There are moments though when running is harder to do. For instance, when your time is limited, when it’s dark outside or when the weather is unfavorable. That’s one of the reasons why more people prefer using the treadmill as a means to keep on running even when other prevailing conditions are not favorable.

To start off using a treadmill, you’ll want to take note of some useful treadmill running facts and tips so you’ll be able to maximize your exercise routine exercise in treadmill running.

Benefits of Running

Getting Fit Inside Treadmill running

Running is one of the best kinds of exercises that you can ever do to get in great shape. A lot of people prefer running over any other sort of exercise regimen since it is easier to perform and you can do anything else while you’re at it, such as listening to good music and enjoying views of the park while running throughout. It may seem difficult at first, as any other workout routine should be, but once you get the hang of it, it really comes naturally and the rewards will come in faster if you’ve got a bit of persistence.

Running is a very good form of exercise, particularly for those that want to lose weight quickly because it is an aerobic exercise. If you easily get distracted when running outdoors, or the weather is simply playing spoilsport, you don’t have to stop your running regimen when you use a Treadmill.

Treadmill Running

Getting Fit Inside Treadmill running

First of all, what’s a treadmill?

As you probably already know, the treadmill is the most ubiquitous, effective, and sensational inventions of the twentieth century. Rain, snow, cold winter mornings, inability to go to a gym due to a car that won’t start, all of these legitimate excuses are beaten down by a single piece of technology called a treadmill.

Running on a treadmill is quite easy to do in all seasons and under all weather conditions. The terrain of a treadmill is level all the time and the temperature always stays the same. A treadmill simply leaves you with no excuse for not exercising.

There is practically no fitness center on the planet that doesn’t own a treadmill. There are many benefits of running on treadmills apart from the above-mentioned reasons, but it is particularly useful for weight-loss/aerobic programs. For people who often ask how to lose some weight fast using treadmill; here are some Treadmill running tips to help you get started with that much-postponed exercise routine.

Warming up before using the Treadmill

Warming up before hitting the treadmill is a great way to start. To run on the treadmill efficiently and safely, you might need to warm up a little. Your warm-up ritual could include light walks, or jogging for 2-5 minutes. Avoid just jumping on the treadmill without warming up, as your body might not be in the right state to allow run at your set pace. Once you’re done running on the treadmill, don’t just hop off straightaway. Do some slow-jogging for a minute or so, right before your heart rate goes down again. If you don’t allow some time for your heart to recover, you might feel dizzy as soon as you get off the treadmill.

Treadmills have a feature called inclinations, and it’s possible to create some inclination of approximately 1-2 percent. Because there isn’t any wind resistance during the indoor running, the likely uphill-like motion provides that feeling of running outside. Are you’re planning to increase the inclination to more than two percent? Ensure that you do not run in the same inclination throughout your exercise. It might cause some difficulty with your calves. For beginners, it is advisable to start running on the treadmill using the default inclination until you’re ready for it.

While exercising on the treadmill, most people think the handrail is something that has to be gripped all the while, but it really isn’t. You could actually run without touching the treadmill at all. Also, while jogging on the Treadmill, it’s best to maintain a good body posture – your hands folded at right angles at the elbows.

Common Mistakes

Some common mistakes people make while getting started with a treadmill can be avoided with prior understanding of the machine. The most common of them is leaning forward. When the treadmill belt moves backward and slowly draws in your toes, you’re supposed to pull your legs and begin running, rather than leaning forward to avoid falling. Try running the same way you run outdoors. Your pace is another important point that needs some attention. Try taking some strides on the treadmill using your mid-foot. This is because if you make strides on your heels, you might feel shocks on your knees. It’s possible for you to count your strides also. This keeps you focused on the running. Another quick tip – Always look ahead of you rather than downwards. Looking down might hurt your neck.

Busting Boredom: Find a Buddy, Use Music

Getting Fit Inside Treadmill running

Running alone on a treadmill could cause you to be bored. This is the most common complaint of almost all runners that use the machine. A good way to bust the boring routine is by getting a teammate you could chat with during runs. If you like being alone then by listening to your favorite music to keep you distracted from the exercise. You could also keep a jar of water close by. When you’ve been running for about half an hour or so, you might begin to feel thirsty. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout your exercise.

Treadmill running is great for everyone

Treadmill running is a very convenient way for you to exercise without the need to go outdoors. Because nothing will prevent you from being able to use the treadmill at any time of the day. In any sort of weather, you would find that running on a treadmill can actually be much safer than running outdoors. Running on a treadmill gives you the advantage of running on a perfectly smooth surface which can be easier on your joints.


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