Ep 61 Welcome Back – The Journey of Iyuna Dugger

“No matter what the circumstances, you know, if you can get up and get out your bed. And do you, whatever that may be whether it’s sports or whether it’s anything else then. You know do it. Don’t let anybody stop you because at the end of the day if it’s God’s will no one or nothing on this Earth can stop the will of God. So if he gave you that gift is for a reason so you keep going until he says don’t go anymore. And that’s just how I feel about that. I feel like it’s nothing that can stop you, because it’s nothing that can stop him.” – Iyuna Dugger

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In episode 61, of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby Gilliam talks with basketball player Iyuna Dugger about her journey. In this episode, Iyuna shares a lot about her faith on how that faith and belief in God has supported her throughout the ups and downs of her athletic journey. From the high school days, days at Fort Valley State University to now playing professionally in Georgia; Iyuna continues to stay the course. Along with sharing her ambitions as she continues to chase her athletic dreams of playing professionally overseas.

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Listen to the episode on iTunes or Spotify


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