Embrace The Grind: You Get Out What You Put In

There are no such things as something for nothing in this world. You get out what you put in. If you put in nothing, you end up getting nothing a lot of time. If you think something like Instagram gives you nothing for something, you are very wrong.

You provide a lot to Instagram, that currency is called time, and it is the most valuable thing you own. Even when you think something is free it rarely ever is. Free means you are going to get crap in return, or you are giving up something else, but you don’t realize it yet.

Whether you are coming back from an injury, or you are just grinding for your time to shine, you must learn to love the grind. Embrace the grind like it is your best friend. Hold and coddle it and nurture it to grow up to be healthy and resilient the same way you should a child.

Person A or B

Life is all about the grind. We spend about 80% of our life working, now how productive we are during that time is a different story. How much we put in is a different story.

I once talked with two people who both worked at McDonald’s, but their mindsets were different. One said they were working there because they needed some money to the party. They came in every day with a bad attitude and hated life. They did the bare minimum not to get fired.

The other came in for the same job, but they told people they were learning the ropes because one day they wanted to own some McDonalds. The second guy did not do the bare minimum to get by. Every day he came in with an extra pep in his step, and he was always asking a question and learning more from the people above him.

The Grind is Life 

Years later the first guy was still working at Mcdonalds doing the same job. The second guy though had worked his way up to being an area manager and had saved enough to get his location.

He understood that the grind is life. Embracing the suckiness of life and just took it head-on until he got his life to where he wanted it to be. He did not focus on where he was but where he wanted to be and what it would take to get there. Then when he learned what it would take he embraced the grind that it would require.

There Are No Roadblocks Really

When you embrace the grind and what it will take the roadblocks of life start to disappear. You no longer are hindered by them because barriers are just things you see when you take your eyes off the goal. When you are focused on the destination, you grit down an run through roadblocks.

Here is the reason that everyone cannot be successful in life. Most people have an excuse at every roadblock. If things get a little hard, they see it as a reason to quit, not a reason to break down a wall and go full steam ahead.

Once you smash down one wall, you start to get momentum on your side, and before you know it, you are unstoppable. But if you stop to feel bad for yourself, you have to put in so much effort to get going again and get momentum back on your side.

How To Embrace The Grind

Understand That It Will be Hard

The grind will not be easy. Let’s be 100% clear here. If you want to achieve something and break down some walls worth breaking down, you need to expect it to be hard. Being #1 is not easy, and there are a lot of people gunning for what you want. Now everyone can have success in their ways but to expect to be comfortable is naive. You have to stay ahead of trends and be able to hold on long enough to see the success come your way.

The first step to hugging the grind is expecting it to make you a better and more robust person. Anything less and you are merely fooling yourself. You are getting yourself to believe in a life a world that is not reality. If you ask any successful person if ti was natural, they will tell you no and show you a list of stories of how hard it was.

Look for Reasons Not Excuses

When you have reason to run away from something, first look for a reason to stand in tight. Instead of always having an excuse to go the easy way, force your self to stay on the path less traveled. Instead of trying to find a way to quit so that your life can remain the same, look for reasons that your life can be amazing if you hang on.

You can train yourself to stop making pathetic excuses. When you don’t have an excuse to fall on. You start coming up with logical reasons, and those are what help lead you to the success you want.

Get Used to The Uncomfortable

Failing is easy because essentially your life stays the same. You don’t need to change anything; you don’t need to expect more from yourself or hang around different people. This is the reason that so many people are scared of success and end up sabotaging themselves. Its hard to succeed and have higher expectations. It is easy to fail and keep it all status quo.

That is why you see people start to cool it off when things get better. For example, if you are used to making $50,000 a year, you start to run away from opportunities that could pay you much more.

The opposite is also true though. If you make $50,000 a year and you’re about to take a 20k pay cut, you will do everything to get your life back up to the status quo that you are used. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable to bring true success your way.

Put In More

You get out what you put in so be willing to put in more. It is that simple. If you want more from the life, you have to be willing to put that much more in. The way you do that is by embracing the grind of life. Look for the most challenging road that you can take. Challenge yourself to figure it out.

Find all the reasons that you can do it and that you can make this dream become a reality. Then lastly embrace that your life will change and you have to get used to that. When you do these things, roadblocks start to disappear.

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