3 Easy Ways To Recover From Stressful Events

We all live very stressful lives in this day and age; We have mortgages, car payments, family drama, relationship issues, training problems, injuries, and the list could go on and on. If you are an athlete or even just an avid gym goer you have to know that even though your smashing personal records in the gym and loving every minute of it your body still tosses out the stress hormone cortisol. Your success depends on how well you recover from stressful events.

The body knows no difference between caused stressors and those that are outside of your control. This hormone will cause a bunch of unwanted side effects if it is not curved directly after a traumatic event occurs or if you have a really hard day in the gym. Here are five reasons why it is important to Implement relaxation/ recovery into your daily routine.

The reason I am making this article is that I neglected that side of training and life since I was a child. I never had a relaxation ritual, and it led to anxiety and symptoms of CNS fatigue.

Possible CNS Fatigue or Adrenal Fatigue

Many believe that CNS fatigue is not a real thing, but there is some evidence to make you believe that it does exist. Including increases in anxiety, excessive tiredness, increased muscle soreness, and another myriad of other effects.

This happens when the body is producing far too much cortisol, and it becomes stuck in the constant on position, and it is due to both increased stress in daily life as well as increases in gym loads as well. It is also clearly an accumulating effect from so many other stressors. A lack of relaxation is a quick way for those stressors to compound.

Unexplainable Anxiety

This is something that I have dealt with, as recently as this month. It is horrible, unexplainable and completely paralyzing. Again guess was natural human hormone is responsible for the lovely and never-ending fear?  If you guessed cortisol, then you nailed it! It sneaks up on you without the use of recovery methods after every single stressor that occurs.

If things are not dealt with when they happen you are looking at a sure path to feeling anxious when you are not even expecting it.

Increase in Injury During Stressful Times

If you are dealing with unrelenting stressors with a total lack of recovery methods then the chances of you getting injured. Cortisol has a negative effect on all the soft tissues of the body. When your body is in constant overdrive, the possibilities of something snapping are pretty good.

Thanks for the Help, NOT

Ok thanks for being a negative Nancy, how about you help us out! I know that probably what you’re saying to yourself right about now? Don’t worry I have a few tips and tricks that you will instantly benefit from.

Ways to Recover From Stressful Events


Mindfulness meditation has been proven to dramatically decrease the amount of cortisol in the system. It is an excellent way to ground your mind in one simple thing. The breath, breathing is something we do every single day thousands of times per day to be more realistic.

It is the simple act of getting into a comfortable position and taking the time to mind your breath. You will lose concentration. I can guarantee that. It is the act of bringing your mind back to the breath that is the real mental workout.

This process is going to be extremely difficult for those who are in the midst of anxiety but trust my persistence in this activity is going to be your best friend. It is important to do what you can. Do not judge yourself on your abilities simply do what you can.  There should be no judgment attached to this activity at all just compassion.

Extremely Light Activity

Exercise is a great way to kick the cortisol monsters butt. Yea, it may be counter-intuitive considering training and life are what got you here in the first place. Depending on your fitness level a leisure walk, yoga, light resistance training, and so on can promote a positive mindset. Alongside a positive effect on the adrenal glands and promote the stoppage of cortisol.

Go for a walk around the block, do some light weight training for 30-45 mins or what I would put at the top of my list is some movement that separates the thinking mind from the body. I use a steel mace but yoga is also a great alternative.

Get in Touch With Nature and Forget Technology

We are animals, as much as we all may forget that. We belong in nature to some extent, and it is believed that the amount of information we consume from sources such as Instagram, facebook, twitter and television only add to the amount of stress we carry.

Get outside and away from the computer and phone for a little while. Many believe barefoot walking or running is the best way to truly get back in touch with nature. It is said to drop stress hormones significantly. As well as providing you with an environment that is relaxing as well as bringing back a sense of the primitive.

It’s a Personal Thing

Dealing with stressful times is a very personal thing; it could be any number of things that you can deploy against all of live BS. You need to explore the things that work for you and double down on them in times of stress. It is ok to feel the way you do at this moment. Just know you need to make an adjustment in your training and you will only see a greater amount of progress in both your daily life as well as your performance in the gym.

The effects of recovery and relaxation are far more important than anything you can do in the gym. The gym gains won’t last if you’re curled up in a ball unable to do anything from “CNS fatigue” So take the time to love yourself. Take the time to put your recovery above everything else!

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