Mindset: The Reason You’re Not Getting Better!

You Work So Hard, but Why Are You Not getting better?

I cannot even stress how many times I have heard athletes say this to me. Athletes work every day they give it 110% but yet see no results when it counts.  It is rough, and it can play with your mind and make you contemplate why you are even training. I am here to tell you that this can be fixed only if you believed it could. If you do not believe you can get better, then stop reading now, but if you do, then please continue reading.

There are three types of athletes Which One are you?

The Non-Believer- The non-believer has no belief in their abilities. When they come out to practice, they may work hard, but they feel as if they will never be good they just hope that magically one day they will be okay. Here is the problem for this athlete, things do not happen because we hope they do, they do because we expect them to.

The Fake Believer- Talks the big game, and preaches about how they are going to do big things.  But when the time comes to compete you can see it in their eyes that they are scared and do not believe in what they are capable of.  They may work their ass off and hope that if they talk and act like they believe maybe they eventually will believe.

The Believer- The believer is the real successful athlete. They believe in themselves through the good times and the bad. They do not need to talk about it because they show people who they are through their actions during practice and game time. The believer knows that the hard work will pay off and that there is no way they will not get better and you see what happens. A believer gets better every year.

The believer not only breeds confidence but confidence radiates off of them into other people. The believer is never worried by setbacks because the believer knows that they will get through it and be that much stronger.

So What

Two things should be obvious, the first being you should know what type of mindset you have as an athlete.The second is you should know what kind of mentality you need to have. Showing up at practice and saying you work hard practically means nothing if you do not believe in the work you are doing at the same time.  If you do not believe in yourself, then you need to figure out why you do not believe in yourself before you can move forward.

This is part one of this series of why athletes train their butts off but just do not seem to be getting better because numerous factors can change this.

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