How Do You Choose The Right Path?

Where Do I Go?

As athletes, heck even as human beings we ask ourselves these questions all the time. Where do I go from here? What is the right path? What should I be doing? Am I doing this right, is this wrong. The questions can come from all angles. It is difficult I know. You have to start with one simple question to yourself though. Amongst all these other existential questions is what is your passion? You’re why.

What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning. What do you love to do what do you enjoy doing? You need to answer that very first question in order to even get on your path. The right path is always followed by the answer to that question. Find you’re why and you can move forward.

Where Am I Going?

Ah yes, where are you going? They say you should never start a journey without having the end in mind. You have to know what you want to future to look like. You have to know where you want to be in order for you to create the path that gets you to that place.

Now, all that being said you need to be able to have flexibility in your life. Your end goal may not be what you dreamed it to be. It may be more than you dreamed it to be. You never know it could be exactly what you want. But the journey itself is more important than the destination. If your passion and you’re why are true you will get to what you want in the end as long as you do not fixate too hard on that end game. You need to pay attention to the things in front of you now.

You will get to where you need to be only if you focus on those footsteps along the way. The path you are on needs to be guided by your why. Your character needs to be guided by your why. You need to have the courage to allow yourself to be driven by that why. Not forced into following the machine of today’s world!

How Do I Get There?

How you get to your destination is just as important as actually getting there.Did you take the shortcuts along the way? Did you take advantage of people without giving value to them in return? Or did you do it with passion, with humility, with your why in mind at all times? Taking on the journey with every step? Did you work hard or did you hardly work? More questions you need to ask yourself as you pursue the path.

The thing many people think is that if you have some roadmap or game plan laid out or them. However, the fascinating thing about life is that it is fluid. It changes. We change all the time. We may be going on direction when an event, person, the mentor does or says something to us that gives us a new look at the world. It is not something that is set in stone. You have the ability to change how you approach it. The right path is not far off. Your path is the right path if you are doing it the right way.

The Right Path

The right path is a myth. The right path is your path. As long as you are going down your path with the right intentions in mind. You have a goal, and you are executing it in a way you can look back and live with. The right path is not a singular path. It is not some street those who want to be successful simply go down. It is not a roadmap. You will not find it on google. You will have to experience your life. Everyday doing the things you believe will bring you to your destination.

No Regrets

We are all going to make mistakes in the life. You are not perfect. In fact, nobody is. You have heard that probably a million times now. It is a cliche topic now. However, I always say things are cliche for a reason. They are true statements that stand the test of time.

Your journey through this life is going to be filled with mistakes. Mistakes that you are going to wish you never made. I am here to tell you that you made those mistakes for a reason. That reason is a simple one, growth. Mistakes if we take the time to learn from them are the easiest teachers. We can use our failures and our mistakes to learn. I have learned far mroe from a failure than I ever did from a win.

You must never regret the choices that were made on your journey to wherever you may be. They are what got you to where you are now. Wishing things were different only serves to alienate the rest of your successes. You are a success before of thsoe failures. They are what drove you to do better, to work harder, and to grind through the tough times. Embrace your mistakes. Learn from them and move on to the next step of your journey.


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