Why playing Sports are Expensive?

Many teens want to pursue sports but are having second thoughts because of its high cost. In all truth, engaging in any sport is not cheap and is not easy. Some sport could significantly dent one’s wallet.

The Kids Play USA Foundation explained that: “Today, playing organized youth sports has a price tag. Expenses such as team enrollment fees, training camp fees, coaching fees, equipment, uniform costs, travel and other expenses are often substantial and are beyond the already stretched budget of families.”

Some families are not in the best financial situation to pay for their kid’s athletic inclinations. Sometimes teens aren’t playing multiple sports anymore because it’s too expensive for them.

Financial costs are easy to quantify. But there are also the injuries and the psychological scars to be dealt with by the young athletes and their families as well. Parents, who are involved in their children’s sports, feel that spending on sports has grown so expensive and the highest level of youth sports may be out of reach for many promising teen athletes.

Consequently, their children are not able to play on organized youth team’s resulting in a significant portion of America’s children not being engaged in sports and recreation.

But why has sport become so expensive?

Let us find out.



First, clothing is of prime importance and consideration. Athletes or non-athletes need appropriate clothing for working out and exercising. Athleisure is a hot trend in fashion these days probably with the influence of celebrities like Beyoncé and Rihanna.

It is a type of clothing that is designed for workouts and other athletic activities but is also appropriate for leisure pursuits. It first grew out when yoga pants were worn by women and because of its flexibility, received high praise for being convenient.

Athleisure refers to that trend of wearing sporty separates with slightly fancier clothing – it’s basically about making traditional gym clothes look chic! Athleisure is comfortable and effortlessly cool.


But the question is why athleisure is expensive?

Nadine-Isabelle Baier, the co-founder of the athletic fashion brand AEANCE said in an interview: “We have probably more of a complex process than a ready-to-wear collection.

We have to invest in a lot of development. We have to research the textiles, and it has to be functional in every aspect. It has to be functional in every situation of the day. We have a very versatile product and complex in the requirement of the textile.”

The fabric used in these type of clothing enables excellent odor reduction, sweat-wicking, and can stretch onto different types of body. It also has breathability to allow air in and out and can protect you from dirt. That is why spending a little buck more than your ordinary shirt is worth it. Also, this type of cloth can last for a long time, so it is worth it.


Gym Membership and Equipment

gym equipment

Next is the gym membership fee. The average gym membership fee costs between 40 dollars to 50 dollars per month, but when you add the initiation fee, it can pile as much as $800 a year. Is it worth it?

Also, gym equipment cost a lot. A treadmill can cost up to $3000 and is that quite an amount especially if it is for personal use. Going to the gym can be pretty dull sometimes.

If you are only going to run a few minutes on a treadmill, you can do it outside, see the green environment and feel the fresh air. Furthermore, there are times that gyms are too crowded. You have to wait for your turn to be able to use the gym equipment and machines. Or having to bear with the weird smell that congested gyms emit, and who knows how dirty those weights could be?

These are some of the reasons why some people cut off their gym membership. However, if there are people who dread going to the gym, there are people who love and prefer going to the gym because of personal trainers who teach specific weight training guide or routine for a particular type of body.


People patronize the gym because peers and the community motivate them.  Sometimes the available information on the internet can be so broad and even vague thus hitting the gym may be the best option.



Lastly, travel. Sometimes, for athletes, you have to go for some training and tournaments. Surely, airfare, hotel accommodation, and other expenses will take a toll on one’s pocket.

Money and time parents spend on sports, training, and coaches can sometimes be too much. Some have to ride planes just to get to practice. And most of the time because of jetlag or feeling tired, athletes do not have the energy for team practice and even game match.

A change of climate and food can be overwhelming too. The money and time parents spend on sports and coaches can sometimes be physically and financially taxing.



For the clothing, there are still significant alternatives to athleisure that won’t require you or your parents to spend much on your sports outfit. Look for something more simple, affordable and comfortable. It could be a suitable shirt, a jeggings or a running tank.

Some people are not satisfied with the money they spend on the gyms. Nowadays, if you’re looking for an exercise routine, numerous mobile applications offer the same exercise which they teach on gyms, and they are for free so why pay for monthly gym fees?

YouTube also offers tons of free video tutorials from yoga to boxing. Instagram and Pinterest do it with easy to follow pictures of exercises and workouts including cardio and strength training from head-to-toe.

You can likewise easily buy a fitness magazine and flip through each page. Anyone can obtain these magazines for just a few bucks.

Moreover, the reason why people go to the gym is that their peers and the community motivate them. Alternatively, you can get the same sense of community on social media sites. A lot of people nowadays have private accounts and have access to fitness bloggers or people who want to be healthy.

Despite the above-given reasons. I am not saying to discourage your child, or you will not allow them to join sports. What I am saying is that there are still lots of ways on how to be proactive in sports without breaking your bank.

Sports can be expensive for some but it could also worth your while with the multiple benefits it offers.

Indeed, parents only want the best for their children- even if sometimes it takes a toll on the family savings and finances.

Since we cannot buy physical fitness, parents need to think twice as to where their hard – earned money goes. Parents must be sure that the money, time, emotions, energy and childhood will not be misplaced. For indeed, sports need not be costly all the time.


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