7 Steps To Get In Mental Shape

  1. Self Awareness

The problem with our educational system is that while growing up, nobody teaches you to be you. You are growing up with an image of how you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to do.

When they asked us in our childhood “What do you want to be when you grow up?“ nobody ever really said: “I want to be me.“. That is when the images of our imaginary ideal person start to take place in our heads. That image changes as we grow, but still, there is something for which we reach for, and what happens? You are never enough for yourself.

Unaware mind puts you in a box, and we end up as clones. This world does not love individuals. Individuals are authentic, convincing, trustworthy, trend-setters, they are twenty-four-carat gold.

Being authentic means that you can show people the different sides of you. You are still you when you do not feel like doing anything; you are still you when you are sick and tired, you are the whole package, the good and the bad. The mind is a garden, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.


  1. Feed Yourself Good

The first thing a better version of you would do is to nurture the mind and the body. Our body, as our brain consumes energy that is necessary for us to survive and function. The type of energy you consume reflects on you. What does it mean? It means that eating junk food is as if you consider your stomach a garbage can.

However, eating clean food is a way to help your body get healthy and full of nutrients. When you had your daily amount of sleep, but you still feel tired and lifeless, it is because your daily intake of nutrients you need was not satisfied. Nature gave us everything we need, let’s do our best to use what we were given.

The results depend on the amount of time you invested in it. When you change your mindset and start to think of it as a lifestyle not as a temporary thing, you will feel more satisfied. It is as simple as that, more effort – more results, less effort – almost no results. Love your body.


  1. Overcome Fear

What most of us show to the world is only the cover of the book without any pages. There is no need to pretend that your life is one hundred percent perfect. Fear is not the enemy; fear is the teacher. Learn how to be vulnerable, and then you will learn how to expose yourself which will lead to turning fear into hope.

People tune into the bad news more than they celebrate good news. Likewise, they tend to be driven by fear and not by love. There is always a choice; we can always choose if we want the fear to guide us or not.

Fear is never here, and now, fear is always in the past and the future. It is a consequence of everything we did and didn’t do. Therefore it is imaginary since we made it up. Not just in our heads but also in our bodies. It is a practice, and it is an effort you have to put to change one’s way of observing the fear itself. When you learn how to put your mind and body in a state of peace, everything will be much simpler.

  1. Set A Goal And Work Towards It

If we wander through life without any goal, dream or vision, we will probably get lost. Start with mini goals. Wake up an hour earlier, drink more water, kiss your parents more. It will give you the habit and self-confidence to grab for more, to want more and to wish for more.

  1. Do Not Take It Personally

Every single being is going through something we know nothing about. The moment we take something personally is the moment we concluded. When you jump to conclusions, you leave no space for anything else because you have put a label on it. But is your label reliable?

Is your label compassionate? Or was that just your ego thinking? Assumptions put us in jail, our own made up jail. How people treat you has nothing to do with you – it has everything to do with them.

Every person on this planet can indirectly teach us something about us that we didn’t know, and the only way for us to see that is to be open-minded and objective. Do not judge a person if they are not on your frequency. Try to be controlled less by your emotions, and more with your inner being.

Moreover, people change and so do you. You are a different person now then you were three months ago. Learn how to forgive, accept and move on but most importantly learn how to forgive yourself for not knowing.

  1. Do Not Compare Yourself To Anybody

The grass is always greener on the other side. Familiar with the expression? Perhaps someone thinks that your life is perfect, maybe someone thinks that you have it all under control. We can only see what people decide to show us. You are unique in your way, and so is everybody else on this planet.

You may tend to believe that someone is better than you in something, but that someone may think that also, and how far and where can those thoughts go? Focus on the journey, focus on you, your blessings and strengths. Wish others well, don’t be envious. Bad thoughts and bad intentions lead only to dangerous places.

  1. Accept What You Can Not Change

Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation for which there is no solution. That is fine because there is no solution for everything. Things happen to us for a reason so that we can learn from them. We are not meant to control everything, and that is what makes us human beings. When you accept that, you will find peace. Instead of focusing on what you cannot change try to put your effort into focusing on what you can.

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