How You Get On The Wrong Path for High School Sports Seasons

One thing we all have to figure out in life is who is in our corner and who is only around for success. Oprah has a quote that says “Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” The struggle with being young is that you are not experienced enough to know how to tell what is real to what is fake. Success can bring a lot of fakers your way, and it can cause you forget the people who have been in your corner from day 1, and this can have horrible effects on your career, and we will explain how. Your number one prerogative is being ready for your high school sports seasons.

Prepare for Your High School Sports Seasons- Know Respect!

There is this saying “Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You.” You may have heard it a few times and may not have understood. The saying means don’t piss off or hurt the people that are supplying you with everything you need.  This can be your parents, a sibling, a coach, a friend, an uncle or anyone who has your back. These are the people that are your core. They love you when you are down, and they love you when you are up. They don’t change based on your results.

Prepare for Your High School Sports Seasons – Pay Attention To Your Inner Circle

Most other people will ride high when you are doing well but they will disappear when you name is not in the spotlight. You may have experienced this or know an athlete that has. When you have a breakout game or achievement how many people come out of the woodworks acting like your best friends. Everyone wanted to talk to you; lowkey everyone wants something from you. It feels good, right? It is almost addiction like a drug because we start craving that attention. You see your social media following grow and you start to feel important.  Our brains are wired to be a part of something, and we crave the need to feel important. That is the trap, and it is an easy one to fall into.

I fell well into, and I loved that people seemed to be there for me, but it did not last because my news quickly turned into disappointment. Finding out that I was not going to run at the Olympics. I had to sit in the stands and watch a 4x100m relay.  Once this happened, guess what happened?  You could hear crickets in my life.

No one wanted to talk anymore; I was not so impressive and unique after all. These are moments that allow mild depression to slip in. You go from this gigantic high to a low, and it is hard to bear.  I was able to though, and it was ONLY because I never bit the hand that was feeding me. The people who had my back from day 1 were still there. I had to lean on this core support team when everyone had forgotten about me.

Prepare for Your High School Sports Seasons – Know That Life Is A Roller Coaster

These are moments that allow mild depression to slip in. You go from this gigantic high to a low, and it is hard to bear.  I was able to though, and it was ONLY because I never bit the hand that was feeding me. The people who had my back from day 1 were still there. I had to lean on this core support team when everyone had forgotten about me.

Prepare for Your High School Sports Seasons – Embrace Those That Embrace You

The Ugly Side Biting The Hand The way my story is not how it played out for many others. Many people have completely lost themselves. Due to lack of self-worth, depression, and worst-case suicide not knowing how to deal with the ups and downs appropriately.  I have seen many people lose touch with the coaches and individuals who supported them. Burning the bridges of relationships that mattered much more than they realized.

Only to look back and realize that they never figured out soon enough what was real and what was fake it is sad. “We are too soon old and too late smart” – Dutch Proverb.  You have to wise up on these things as quickly as possible because some mistakes in life can be fatal. Some mistakes in life cost something that no one is willing to pay. A lot of people will tell you to learn from your mistakes but what I am saying is you need to learn from other people mistakes as much as possible.

The thing about the hand that feeds you is that you may not notice it or appreciate it until it is no longer there. You grow used to the fact that certain people are there for you and sometimes they play silent roles. So you don’t even realize that they are making a difference in your lives.  How Can You Deal With Success The Right Way Remember You Are Only As Good As Your Last Play 

He was always showing us examples of athletes who were on top one day and gone the next.  We studied the Michael Vicks, Ryan Leafs and Latrell Sprewell’s of the sporting world. Nothing last forever and this can be both a good and a bad thing. It is a good thing because it means that the storms that come in will never last, but it is a bad thing because the great moments never last either.  Time just keeps moving forward, and you have to move forward with it knowing that the good and the bad will flow in and out of your life when it is ready. NEVER when you are ready for it though.

Prepare for Your High School Sports Seasons – Death Is Inevitable

You Will With 100% Certainty Retire and Die One Day  Thankfully there has a been more and more of a spotlight placed on athlete depression. As someone who retired from sport now. I left track and field when I was 24, and I have been as happy as ever since I left and the reason for that is because I always thought about the day that it would be over.

I prepared myself to have to be challenged in different ways. It was not just going to be about pushing myself mentally to finish a workout anymore. I was going to have to train my brain to do a bunch of new tricks. At first, I dreaded this thought, but as I got older and older I loved it more, then I embraced it before I knew it I would rather read a book then run.  It is never too early to prepare for retirement in the same way that it is never too soon to ponder your death. The reason is that no one knows the day.  We don’t know the day that we will lose our careers or the lives that we love.

Pondering these days keep you on your toes and helps restrain you from living your life as if you have all the time in the world.  When we consider these final moments, it helps us to think about what matters. Is it our family, or touchdowns? Is it the fans who only loved what you could do for them or the people who stood in your corner from day 1? The choices become clear but only when we remember that success does not last.

Prepare for Your High School Sports Seasons – Keep Your Loved Ones Involved

When You Picture Success Picture it With The Ones You Love  When you envision your future what do you see? What I noticed when I asked people this question is that often their loved ones were an afterthought. There were always other things they named first.  It is important that when you picture success, you see it with the ones that matter. When you go on vacation, see them in the picture, not just random people that pop in for a season. When you’re buying that dream car, place them in the passenger seat every time you see yourself drive.

We are hard-wired to be around other people, and the reality is that no matter how successful you are, loneliness will make you unhappy. You will have people in your life, but they will be in your life for the right reasons.  Remember This  A child reporter asked Tom Brady who his hero was. The Tom Brady of many super bowls and successes and he replied with tears in his eyes and said “My Dad.” It does not get better than that. He never lost sight of what matters and you should not either. The focus is to be ready for your high school sports seasons. 


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