Try Not To Push Away The People That Are Really There For You When You’re An Athlete

Oh, you’re an athlete? …You know we family, let’s be friends, even better let’s be in a relationship.

In athletics, we tend to attract a lot of people to want to be in our lives for various reasons. For some it makes them look cool to befriend an athlete, for some guys/girls see an athlete as their meal ticket, and unfortunately the same can go for family members.

As athletes, we can get in the mindset that we can’t trust people. From past experiences, we start to think that every person that tries to come into our lives intentions aren’t genuine. We all have experienced or know someone that was taken advantage of because of the “status” someone felt they had. We start to think everyone new is really out to hurt or use us in some fashion.

Each person that tries to come into our lives to get close enough to understand the authentic us; family members, friends, any type of relationship we start to push them away because of the fear of what if they are out to hurt us. Each time fighting our ego whether to let down that wall and give someone an opportunity to prove us wrong.

At times it takes a little trial an error no matter what stage you are in your athletic journey; high school, college, pro, or retired to figure out who is meant to be. It’s tough knowing who is real in a world full of fake.

Then the ones on the outside aren’t sure what else they can do to prove how real they are and may walk away because you won’t at least give them a rope to try to get over the wall.

“Circle So Small It’s A Period” – Drake

Not everyone is meant to be in your circle but when you find the one(s) that are truly meant to be there try not to push them away even when that is our first instincts. People like them are not a dime a dozen and make the athletic journey a little more fun. It’s okay to make some real friends along the way.


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