Sinus Tarsi Syndrome – Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

The overuse of your foot or a sprain to your ankle can result in some painful injuries. One of these conditions is the sinus tarsi syndrome. Sinus tarsi syndrome is very painful and can prevent an athlete from functioning optimally. This is true especially if the sport you participate in involves the feet a lot.

If you have been feeling a pain in your foot that does not seem to be going away, following an ankle sprain,  you could have a bigger problem. We will tell you all you need to know about the sinus tarsi syndrome.

Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

What Is The Sinus Tarsi?

The sinus tarsi is a space or tunnel that is located between the talus and calcaneus. The talus and calcaneus are essential bones in your feet. The sinus tarsi can also be described as a small canal that runs from under the ankle into the talus bone. It is also known as ‘the eye of the foot’.

What is Sinus Tarsi Syndrome?

A syndrome is a group of symptoms that usually occur together. Sinus tarsi syndrome is generally described as a pain that arises persistently at the sinus tarsi following an ankle sprain. This pain usually results in a feeling of instability of the foot.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Sinus Tarsi Syndrome?

  • Pain: Which is usually localized to the sinus tarsi area of the foot and gets worse with physical activities such as walking or running.
  • Instability: As we have stated earlier, sinus tarsi syndrome causes a feeling of instability especially if you suddenly make a directional change with your ankle.
  • Stiffness: You feel a form of rigidity in your ankle especially when you wake up early in the morning. Although the stiffness usually resolves as the day progresses.
  • Tenderness To Touch: Pain when the affected part of the foot is touched.

You should also note that sinus tarsi syndrome is commoner between people between the ages of 10 to 30.

Causes of Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

  • Lateral sprain of the ankle which results in injuries to some ligaments in the foot.
  • Instability of the subtalar joint (one of the joints located in the foot) can cause inflammation of some fibrous tissue of the sinus tarsi, hence the syndrome.
  • People with flat feet are more prone to having sinus tarsi syndrome. This is because the pressure of the body on foot can cause a compression injury of the sinus tarsi hence resulting in sinus tarsi syndrome.

Treatment for Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

  • Rest: The first step in treating sinus tarsi syndrome is to rest your feet from any form of stressful physical activity. You may have to use crutches for a period.
  • Drugs: The doctor prescribes drugs like painkillers or antibiotics to help treat the condition.
  • Ice: Apply ice regularly to the site to help with the pain and inflammation.
  • Physiotherapy: Physical rehabilitation will help you get your feet back into good shape. 9INE POINT Health can help you find the best.
  • Footwear: If you have flat feet, you may have to wear special shoes. Proper shoes help you reduce the risk of having sinus tarsi syndrome.

Find The Best Healthcare Providers To Heal Your Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

9INE POINT Health can connect you with top healthcare professionals in your area to make sure you are getting treatment from the best. Sinus Tarsi Syndrome will not just magically go away on its own. You need to be proactive to deal with this injury.

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