The Human Anatomy Model For Athletes

If you want to be a great athlete you need to understand the tools that you work with. Your toolkit is your body and you must take care of it in order to excel. In order to take care of it, you have to know what it consists of. Take some time to study the pictures below of your human anatomy model for athletes.

Pay special attention to the last picture. It shows you how the human body is actually all connected. Too many athletes avoid studying basic anatomy and it can be very detrimental to your athletic career. As an Olympic sprinter, there has been nothing that has helped me more than understanding how connected the body is. The hamstring is not just out there on its own, it is connected with the glute, back knee, calves and many more places.

Human Anatomy Model – Musclatory System

Human Anatomy Model -Our Body Is All Connected

Human Anatomy Model

Take the time to learn more about your body. I was lucky because I took an anatomy class when I was in high school that helped me to make a sense of a lot of my body and how it works. I strongly suggest you take the time to do the exact same thing.

No injury happens in isolation. A tender Achilles tendon will play a roll in how your feet feel and how your calf feels. A tight pec will roll your shoulders and cause issues with your neck and upper back. These connections can be hard to make when you don’t understand the body.

Think of an electrician or a mechanic have not idea what his tools are called, that would be weird right? Well for you your body is your toolkit and you need to understand it in order to use it. Once you understand the body, you can dig into specific injuries and you can start to develop your own stretching routine. You can also begin to understand what some of the reason for getting injured are.

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