Ep. 3 How To Navigate Your Athletic Dream With Your Partner Featuring Pauline “Pita” Macias & Lin Burks

Ep. 3 How To Navigate Your Athletic Dream With Your Partner Featuring Pauline “Pita” Macias & Lin Burks

You have to live life for you. That is one thing Lin & I have really lately been trying to practice. Living life for us we can’t make everyone happy and you’re never going to make everyone happy. We know what we want to do. What dream we want to accomplish. We are going to do literally everything it takes to get there. – Pauline ” Pita” Macias

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This 3rd episode of The Started With A Dream Podcast features the power couple of up-and-coming MMA Fighter Pauline “Pita” Macias and her partner Lin Burks. In this episode, Pauline talks with Jacolby about the early part of her athletic journey from being heavily involved in competitive cheer to being a judo athlete at the Olympic Training Center and now the pursuit of an MMA career.

7:40 The next part of this episode gets in the talks of how Pauline “Pita” Macias and Lin Burks met through the power of Instagram Direct Messages. They talk about how they made it work being across the country and how they each gave up everything to pursue Pauline’s dream of being a professional MMA fighter.

18:00 This episode is pack with several tips from Pita and Lin on how couples in sports can build each other. They share their real authentic story about the ups and downs but at end of the day, they know that they are each other’s ride or die. 2018 is going to be a big year for these two, with a lot of great things planned for Team Pita.

Episode 3 of The Started With A Dream Podcast has something every athlete regardless of what your relationship status is can gain value from listening to the journey of Pauline “Pita” Macias and Lin Burks.

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